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Untitled #1

And should I dare to dream aloud
    Of music souls do yearn to hear?
A message there so pure avowed
    Serves but to gently draw you near.

And should I dare to search the night
    For shining eyes that rend the dark?
A beacon there. A guiding light
    To places new that bear your mark.

And should I dare to heed the song
    That calls the lovers to their home?
A lyric there intoned so strong
    That time nor death can overcome.

For heart to hold and hand to touch
    Or do I dare to dream [……]

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The morning
and crawls its way over
        the hilltops

spilling over

        a sea of dock and heather

each bud and petal
        each delicate leaf
        in the promise of
                a new day


The blackest night,
the darkest day,
cannot conceal it.

Neither can such fog,
like ethereal cotton
above the morning dew,
shroud it from notice.

No veil can disguise
nor jailer constrain
its aspect
for it has,
if none other,
one elemental virtue.

To be known.

In its design, that goal
so devoutly entrenched
pushes it ever upward,
tunneling out
from the depths of obscurity,
screaming its existence
into the heedless silence.

Clambering to the surface,
it breaks forth
into the light of
an unsuspecting mind,
there to shine sun-bright,
refusing to be dowsed again.

And he smiles and says,
"Hey, I was just thinking about you."

The Conversation

No words are spoken
A hand slips into a hand
Fingers intertwine
Thumbs caress each other in a familiar dance

No words are spoken
A head leans onto a shoulder
Crisp night air is breathed in
Contented sighs are breathed out

No words are spoken
An eye catches glimpse of a smile
Footsteps match footsteps
Lips tenderly touch hair

No words are spoken
And yet everything is said

Goodnight Kiss

As I lay myself to sleep,
I turn to you
and whisper a kiss goodnight,
a beautiful rose in the
weedy garden of my thoughts,
in the hope that
the winds will
pluck and carry it
across the miles
and that you will
catch its fragrant perfume
and smile,
knowing that the world
is somehow a bit better
than it was
a moment before.

Beautiful Vapor

she floated in on the wind
    like a beautiful vapor
        enticing me to breathe her in

she ran through my veins
    pervading every corner of my mind --
        until i realized that i was alone

with nary a hint of breeze
    she was gone
        as suddenly as she had come

the beautiful vapor
    which was never really there
        to begin with

Clear the Air

We need to talk
I need to
clear the air.

You see, I'm finding it
hard to breathe
these days;
there's so many ways
this can go wrong.
I feel like I don't belong here.
Like I'm not allowed to
be in love
with you
but, oh,
I do so
want to.

But --
what do you want?
That is the question
and the great unknown.
In your heart and mind
when you're alone
do you want to find
waiting for you?

So many
conflicting thoughts abound.
I turn them
around and around
in my head,
pretending that
I can form [……]

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