Where's My Head?

Mom always said I'd lose it...

Random Thoughts #2

Life Random

March 11, 2016

  • I suppose it's a good thing that I keep looking for another hole in my belt that isn't there.
  • In a related thought, I suppose it's time to buy a new belt.
  • It's true what they say, there's no such thing as a snooze button on a cat that wants breakfast.
  • With losing weight comes the need to buy some new clothes. I've recently purchased a couple pairs of button fly jeans which is what I wore in college. So far, this is as close as I've come to a mid-life crisis.
  • Well, except for one misguided can of mousse about seven years back.
  • And for the record, weight loss and a love of baking do not peacefully coexist. I'm just sayin'.
  • Have I mentioned lately that my church is awesome? Because my church is awesome. Because it doesn't care about being an awesome church.
  • OK, let's see if I have this right. The only viable choices for President of the United States are:
    • [a] an arrogant, undiplomatic, and slightly insane nutbag who is feeding -- and feeding off of -- the anger of a dissatisfied constituency and who would do well to read Ecclesiastes 7:9
    • [b] a mostly unknown who's not particularly well liked but, hey, at least he's not that nutbag in letter [a]
    • [c] an avowed socialist who is actually closer to nutbag [a] on some things than unknown [b] is or
    • [d] a shady dealing political establishment insider who's been a smidge power hungry for well over 20 years now and who has to keep proving she's more liberal than socialist [c]
  • Um, yeah. Given those choices, I'm moving to Belize. Or Lichtenstein. I hear Tierra del Fuego is nice.
  • If anyone has a recommendation for a good, affordable espresso machine, I'm all ears. My barrista daughter said she will make me nonstop lattes if I get one.
  • I know I'm way late to this particular party but when you take Girls Just Want to Have Fun, transpose it into a minor key, slow it down -- oh, and have it sung by a guy -- it turns into a really dark and haunting song. AND IT IS AY-MAZING!! Check it out.