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Catching up

OK - so I can't seem to find time to blog every day. Or even every month. Such is my life. Get over it.

Not like anyone's actually reading this thing anyway... :-)

So here's the rundown on the major developments since last time:

The house is done and we have now moved most of our stuff from our storage unit into our garage. I know that I never posted the rest of the pictures but I realized at some point that I hadn't taken any for about 2 months and missed some significant phases in the process. [……]

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And so it begins...

Another year has come and gone and, true to the old adage, the only constant thing is change. For us here at the Where's My Head World Headquarters and Bait Shop, that change is coming primarily by way of formulating some new digs.

In the beginning, there was just a big field. Then, some idiot (that'd be me) decided that this field would be a good place to park a house. Not to put too fine a point on it, it's gone downhill from there.

A surveyor came out and marked some boundaries, we signed a bunch of papers [……]

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