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Musical sellouts in advertising

What the devil is going on in advertising these days?!? I've been seeing some of the most unusual combinations of products and music in commercials lately. The two most glaring examples are Cadillac using Led Zeppelin's Rock & Roll and the B-52s' Roam hawking Clarinex of all things. (Granted - this was from their album Cosmic Thing, which was hardly as cutting-edge-out-of-the-mainstream-and-loving-it as their older stuff -- but still, it's the B-52s!) It should be noted, also, that Clarinex previously used the Overture from The Who's rock opera, Tommy.

Next thing you know we'll have Peter Gabriel [……]

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A little light housekeeping...

Just some minor items that don't really belong anywhere...

I've been just horrible about not writing anything for the last few days and even then, nothing of any substance. But I am making a vow to myself (and anyone else who might actually read this thing) that I will be posting more regularly starting Monday. [This weekend doesn't allow time as SWMBO, Thing 1 & Thing 2 are involved in a horse show and the vast majority of waking moments will be spent at the Horse Park.] I have a few posts that I've been formulating in my head for [……]

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Boy - I must owe some hefty royalties

Just when you think you've seen it all, somebody (Dave Barry, to be exact) points out that there's a patent on getting a cat to chase a laser pointer spot on the wall.

btw - The Laserspot Kitties would be a decent name for a rock band...