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I can't believe I missed it

How could I not have known about this special event. And me without my trowel.

Weird tourist attractions

On the lighter side of the news comes this article from the New Zealand Herald.

My favorite quote is:

...Somalia, which has a Minister of Tourism, has officially not had a single tourist for 14 years. The minister, Abdi Jimale Osman, can't understand this. "I'm sure tourists would leave Somalia alive and I'm hopeful they wouldn't be kidnapped," he is reported as saying.

As the last line says, it surely is a weird and wonderful world out there. Methinks some days it's way more weird than wonderful.

Worst Song Ever?

Some time ago, I read Dave Barry's Book of Bad Songs which is a must read for anybody who (a) likes good humor and (b) came of age while listening to Top 40 radio in the 70s and early 80s.

This book came about as the result of one of Dave's columns from many years prior in which he asked readers what the worst rock song ever was. He got more feedback on this one topic than he has ever gotten in response to a column and it continued long after the follow-up story ran. Years after. So [……]

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Where are the fashion police???

Just what can these "designers" be thinking? Or smoking?

Strange Spam

I received the second strangest piece of spam that I've ever seen yesterday.

I actually wouldn't have seen this stuff had I not recently changed mail clients. Pegasus Mail doesn't grab linked images that are not included in the message itself. If it had I would've hit the delete key just based on the preview pane. Instead I saw this:

He called her Howard (or was it Howard?).When you see corporation beyond cheese wheel, it means that tenor toward leaves.Sometimes carpet tack defined by cheese wheel goes to sleep, but fighter pilot near always make love to of eggplant!Any [……]

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Penguin bashing

No - this is not about the latest Microsoft-funded benchmark study or the SCO lawsuits. In fact, it's not about Linux at all. It's about bashing penguins with a club.

Check out Pingu, an all-too-addictive little timesink where the goal os to hit the penguin as far as you can. Simple as that.

If you beat my distance (see below) I'd appreciate a screenshot.

...but is it art?

What do you get when you cross a popular children's toy known for the rearrangeable features of a native Idaho spud and a popular 20th century Spanish painter and sculptor known for rearranging some features himself?

Where the tuber meets the Cubist, you get Mr. Picassohead.

You need to check it out. While certainly a time sink, it's by no means your average, everyday time sink. You can view the images that others have made and then pump up your creative juices and "paint" your own. Here's what I kicked out in about a minute and a half.

Temporary insanity

I was just reading this post. I've said before, but maybe not on this site, that I fail to see any logical basis for the verdict of "not guilty by reason of temporary insanity."

Apart from the points that the good Doctor brings up, my reasoning is based more in self-preservation. The concept of "temporary insanity" just confounds me. Personally, I'd rather be walking down the street with someone who I know is a total wingnut than with someone who, according to those criminal defense lawyers, could apparently snap at any given moment and start hacking people [……]

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Now *that's* what I call a bonus!

Check out this story!

"They called us all together and said we would each get $1,000," Lawrence Wyman said. "Everyone started clapping and then they said it would be $1,000 for each year worked."

Autumn blows in

Yesterday at 5:00pm I was on my tractor in a t-shirt.
Today at 5:00pm it was 31 degrees.

Welcome to autumn in Kentucky...