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Life, God and Letter Tiles

If you haven't already seen it, take 8 minutes and watch this brilliant flash piece, Craziest: A Short Story by Liz Dubelman. Well written, well produced and well worth your time. This is what multimedia on the net should be like.
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[Ed. note - If your connection is on the slower side of fast, let the whole thing load before playing (even though the Play option comes up) so it won't catch up with itself.]

What's in a name?

What in the world have the good folks at the National Hurricane Center been smoking?!?

You have a tropical storm named Bonnie. Who in their right mind would choose to name the next one Charley?!?

Repeat after me, people - Clyde! Clyde!!!


When the toast has burned
     and all the milk has turned
     and Cap'n Crunch is waving farewell

When the big one finds you
     may this song remind you
     that they don't serve breakfast in Hell

                            The Newsboys - Breakfast In Hell


It's pure fluff, but that song always makes me giggle.

I don't know why, but...

for some reason I find this music strangely appealing.

Life to the next level

The Game of Life, that is.

A somewhat different take on the "sustainable existence" meme of game is found in the RGB Game. In this one, the beings consist of different color dots which equate to different characteristics (speed, lifespan & sight range) and look for food. They multiply when saturated.

It takes a little time to get the hang of how these things behave and what makes the system more sustainable, but for fans of Conway's original game (or other variations of cellular automata), it's well worth a look.

The funniest thing I've seen in a long time

Whoever came up with these commercials deserves a big raise. And a corner office. And a pony.

These should have been Superbowl commercials.

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I can't believe I missed it

How could I not have known about this special event. And me without my trowel.

Weird tourist attractions

On the lighter side of the news comes this article from the New Zealand Herald.

My favorite quote is:

...Somalia, which has a Minister of Tourism, has officially not had a single tourist for 14 years. The minister, Abdi Jimale Osman, can't understand this. "I'm sure tourists would leave Somalia alive and I'm hopeful they wouldn't be kidnapped," he is reported as saying.

As the last line says, it surely is a weird and wonderful world out there. Methinks some days it's way more weird than wonderful.

Worst Song Ever?

Some time ago, I read Dave Barry's Book of Bad Songs which is a must read for anybody who (a) likes good humor and (b) came of age while listening to Top 40 radio in the 70s and early 80s.

This book came about as the result of one of Dave's columns from many years prior in which he asked readers what the worst rock song ever was. He got more feedback on this one topic than he has ever gotten in response to a column and it continued long after the follow-up story ran. Years after. So [……]

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Where are the fashion police???

Just what can these "designers" be thinking? Or smoking?