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Official Timesink Warning: If you've got some time to kill, check out GraphJam for a few good laughs. People submit graphs they have to explain pop culture ideas, everything from song lyrics to movie & TV plots to cliches. Some of them are quite funny.

So far, my favorites are Parental IQ versus Child’s Age, The United States According To Network Executives and words that Rhyme With Texas, but I'm only on page 4 so far.

Oh - and if they don't make sense, look at the Cheat Sheet if one's available for that graph.

An oldie but a goody...

I know this goes back quite a few years, but I love this song and was recently reminded of it.

If you've never heard it, read the lyrics and sing along at

If you heard it years ago, just relax, sit back and revel in all of it's sheepy goodness.

OK - It's official...

Those dudes in the Wendy's wigs freak me out more than that creepy, plastic-headed king ever did.

Government efficiency

Toward the end of last year, I purchased a couple items from an online electronics vendor. I knew that they wouldn't arrive in time for Christmas but that wasn't a big issue. But since then, certain suspicions have been firmly cemented in my mind.

The vendor used something called FedEx SmartPost in which the package is sent via their FedEx account but delivered by the good ol' US Postal Service. This is only the second time I've bought something from this vendor but last time it came via FedEx Ground the whole way. And I was able to track it's progress, [……]

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And yet two more dogs

I've always wanted a Saint Bernard. I figure, if you're gonna love a dog, love a lotta dog. One that will throw itself up on your shoulders and welcome you home. And then drag you to the food bin as a hint...

Now, thanks to SWMBO and the Things (which, btw, WBAGNFARB) I now have two of them.

Twelve Days...

Todays brings 3 very diverse video versions of a classic Christmas song.

The first is from the 1979 TV special, John Denver and the Muppets: A Christmas Together. Just about everybody has heard this version at some point in their life or other. In fact, in most cases, I can't hear any version of this song without humming "ba-dum-bum-bum" to myself after the "Five Gold Rings" part. Yes - I am unashamedly a product of a misspent youth. I also think that most of life would be better if we all watched The Muppets more. Even [……]

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Made up words and Freudian slips

It's amazing when a simple mistake just takes on a whole new meaning because of the context of the moment. We were playing a game with some friends last night and one guy gave the clue of "It's a type of salami."

His wife blurted out "Promiscutto" (we can only assume she meant this) but we laughed for the next 5 minutes. The made up word was humorous enough but coupled with the idea that it was about salami, it added a new level that we could pick on her about.

Timing is everything

I stumbled across a link that showcases 25 Photographs Taken at the Exact Right Time. Some of them are humorous. Others are simply amazing. Still others are potentially painful in that vicarious, ouch-that's-gonna-leave-a-mark sort of way.

And then, as if that wasn't enough, from there I found 12 Excellent Examples of Great Time Lapse Imagery. Oddly enough, while I enjoy looking at the actual time lapse movies, my favorites are the still images of the tree and the city.

Some things just defy explanation

Tractor Square Dancing is one of those.

I live in the country but I've never seen anything like this.

Ohio Art-istry

This stuff sure beats the hell out of the innumerable sets of stairs and lousy attempts at words that I did when I was a kid.

Kudos for this guy for taking the time to work this stuff out. Or maybe he just needs a date...

[And yes - I stole the headline off his site. Sue me...]