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Busy, busy, busy

Right now we're in the middle of moving to a new location, having numerous horses give birth and working at the Rolex-Kentucky Three Day Event so blogging will be light at best. I try to keep my life very simple and being this busy really drains me. I can't imagine families that go-go-go like this all of the time.

Discussing Pooh

I find it somewhat humorous that DrBacchus wrote about Winnie The Pooh this weekend as I was just talking to SWMBO about the same.

As we move into the trailer one of the pieces of the package deal is the existing satellite TV hookup. The kids were watching a WTP show on Toon Disney and it struck me that these newer shows capture none of the magical concept that these are stuffed animals and that all of this is happening inside Christopher Robin's head that is so evident in the initial movies by the aforementioned multinational conglomerate.

Luckily, the dish also [……]

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Just when you think it can't get any worse...

Two weeks ago the world was discussing the thought of billboards in space. As if that weren't bad enough, now people (well, college students anyway) are selling their heads to advertisers.

With apologies to Susan Powter, Stop The Insanity!

And phydeaux runs screaming from the building...

Wow - I didn't know it was possible to dislike a job so much. I dislike the primary tools I have to work with and I dislike the project that I am working on. I genuinely like about 5 people here, genuinely dislike about the same, and the rest I honestly don't care one way or the other about. (Is that bad of me?) My local company is fairly good to work for but our corporation is a steaming pile. And the corporate IS leadership is comprised of a bunch of control freaks who don't [……]

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The Mouse, The Duck, The Big Silly Dog and The Wardrobe

And on the heels of that last post comes this. In an effort to be fair, I'll withhold comment until I see the results. But I'll admit, I fear the worst.

The Muppets meet The Mouse

Anyone who knows me knows that I have an ongoing love/hate opinion of The Walt Disney Company. This is primarily because it no longer bears much resemblance to Walt Disney's company. While I realize that any business has to change and evolve in order to survive (or, at least, to avoid stagnation) I thoroughly dislike what Disney has evolved into - a gigantic marketing machine.

Undoubtedly, Disney is a for-profit venture and needs to keep an eye on things like debt-to-equity ratios and EPS, but it has lost sight of all else. With the occasional exception, the movies [……]

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Christmas has been odd this year

Well - here it is, December 23, and I've finally gotten into the Christmas mood. The reasons for the delay (it usually hits me about the end of the first week of December) are various, but the primary ones are easy.

  1. Two people who I care about have had members of their immediate family die recently. In one case, it was a friend's mother. Her death was due to a long-fought illness and was not totally unexpected. That doesn't make it any easier for him.

    The other was a son. He was missing for about 10 days


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100 years of the airplane

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the Wright brothers' first flight. In my opinion, this was one of the 3 most world-changing inventions ever, along with the telephone and the computer.

I rather got a kick out of an article I read the other day by Thomas Sowell.) He opens like this:

[The airplane] was the work of a couple of young men who had never gone to college and were just a couple of bicycle mechanics in Dayton, Ohio.

That part of the United States is often referred to disdainfully as "flyover country" because it is part of [……]

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Thoughts of September 11th

Just some thoughts that occurred to me as I read this post by Dr. Bacchus.

It was no less surreal watching it unfold live on TV. About 20 of us sat huddled in one office trying to get a decent TV signal and talked about what we had heard from various sources and trying to sort out the conflicting stories and determine what was true and what wasn't.

But the whole room got quiet when the first tower crumbled. We all just sat in stunned silence, not wanting to believe what we had just seen. That's a feeling I'll [……]

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Where's my body?

Blogging will be light [read: non-existent] for the next week as I will be on a trip that I don't want to go on, in a city that I don't want to go to, taking a class that I don't want to take, learning stuff that I'll never be able to use out side of my current job, which I don't really want, for a company that I don't want to be working for.

Should be a good time, no?