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Happy Birthday to Me!

Today marks the first birthday of Where's My Head? and aren't we all excited...

In that time, there have been 59 posts (pretty pitiful, really) and just shy of 17000 hits which is rather amazing considering that this is just a collection of my thoughts which won't be of interest to the majority of the world and that I've never done anything to advertise.

My blogging resolution for this year is to post more often, although that most likely means a lot more fluff. :-)

One of the pressing questions of our time

New poll. Go vote. Thank you.

Update your links, if you please

Now I've gone and done it. I've registered a domain name for this site. If you have a link to this on your site, please update it to use the new url,

Lousy - just lousy

Well - I'm quite disappointed in the absolute lack of response to the first poll. I figured, given the general dementia that runs as a common thread among my friends, that I'd at least get a hit or three on it. Oh well...

More stuff added

This thing is getting out of control! :-)

Yesterday I added a Random Quote block on the right and I just finished setting up my Office Cam. I'm not sure I'm pleased with the placement of it, but it'll do for now.

It's a LEGO Vision Command that my sister gave me. (OK - it's actually a Logitech QuickCam that's been repackaged into a LEGO framework - but it's still cool looking.) She originally got it for my nephew but the software wasn't compatible with XP so she asked if I wanted it. You can combine it [……]

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Poll added

I've turned on the poll feature of the system. Polls may appear from time to time when I have stupid stuff to ask about.

This first one is about a comedy line I read on the TopFive list. I immediately understood it because I am the product of a misspent youth but I realized that others with a different background may not get the joke. So I was just curious.

Please take a moment to vote by going to the Home Page.

New block and topic

I've added a Currently Reading block to the left side. I'll be putting the titles and author information of any books that I'm reading at a given time along with a link to it on I'm hoping that this will serve as a bit of self-accountability to make me read more. I've been slacking recently in that regard.

Along with that comes a new Book Reviews topic heading where I will post my thoughts on the books once I'm done with them. Again, this is mostly self serving but, then again, so is the rest of [……]

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Private lives in a public place

I got a kick out of this post by Moose but only because I've been thinking about creating a pseudo-private area on my site.

The initial idea was that I would have an area or three that would hold my rambling, cathartic posts about whatever but that wouldn't be accessible by the general public. Not that there's a huge glut of readership here, but the principle remains.

I would, however, like certain people to be able to see some or all of those areas. These are people whom I trust implicitly. These are people with whom I have no [……]

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The site is slowly evolving

I successfully installed and configured Tom Willett's Menu Plugin. I found it shortly after I had edited a small piece of Geeklog's internal code in order to add the Blog Links to the Sections menu on the left. I really didn't want to edit it at all because upgrading is a huge pain when you have to port over all of your changes. Luckily it was only a small change and was easy enough to undo.

Anyway, this version of the Menu plugin lets you set up custom menus without changing the core system. It also uses the existing security group [……]

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The news feeds have moved

Just in case anyone cares, I have removed the blog and news feeds from the right side of the screen and put them on their own page. This will let me include a lot more feeds without making the front page scroll forever. It also lets me provide links to blogs that don't have RSS feeds but that I still want to monitor. I'll be adding a link to that page in the Sections block on the left Real Soon Now.

I also moved the Older Stories block to the right side (where the blogs used to be). [……]

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