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One of the pressing questions of our time

New poll. Go vote. Thank you.

Update your links, if you please

Now I've gone and done it. I've registered a domain name for this site. If you have a link to this on your site, please update it to use the new url,

Lousy - just lousy

Well - I'm quite disappointed in the absolute lack of response to the first poll. I figured, given the general dementia that runs as a common thread among my friends, that I'd at least get a hit or three on it. Oh well...

More stuff added

This thing is getting out of control! :-)

Yesterday I added a Random Quote block on the right and I just finished setting up my Office Cam. I'm not sure I'm pleased with the placement of it, but it'll do for now.

It's a LEGO Vision Command that my sister gave me. (OK - it's actually a Logitech QuickCam that's been repackaged into a LEGO framework - but it's still cool looking.) She originally got it for my nephew but the software wasn't compatible with XP so she asked if I wanted it. You can combine it [……]

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Poll added

I've turned on the poll feature of the system. Polls may appear from time to time when I have stupid stuff to ask about.

This first one is about a comedy line I read on the TopFive list. I immediately understood it because I am the product of a misspent youth but I realized that others with a different background may not get the joke. So I was just curious.

Please take a moment to vote by going to the Home Page.

New block and topic

I've added a Currently Reading block to the left side. I'll be putting the titles and author information of any books that I'm reading at a given time along with a link to it on I'm hoping that this will serve as a bit of self-accountability to make me read more. I've been slacking recently in that regard.

Along with that comes a new Book Reviews topic heading where I will post my thoughts on the books once I'm done with them. Again, this is mostly self serving but, then again, so is the rest of [……]

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Private lives in a public place

I got a kick out of this post by Moose but only because I've been thinking about creating a pseudo-private area on my site.

The initial idea was that I would have an area or three that would hold my rambling, cathartic posts about whatever but that wouldn't be accessible by the general public. Not that there's a huge glut of readership here, but the principle remains.

I would, however, like certain people to be able to see some or all of those areas. These are people whom I trust implicitly. These are people with whom I have no [……]

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The site is slowly evolving

I successfully installed and configured Tom Willett's Menu Plugin. I found it shortly after I had editted a small piece of Geeklog's internal code in order to add the Blog Links to the Sections menu on the left. I really didn't want to edit it at all because upgrading is a huge pain when you have to port over all of your changes. Luckily it was only a small change and was easy enough to undo.

Anyway, this version of the Menu plugin lets you set up custom menus without changing the core system. It also uses [……]

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The news feeds have moved

Just in case anyone cares, I have removed the blog and news feeds from the right side of the screen and put them on their own page. This will let me include a lot more feeds without making the front page scroll forever. It also lets me provide links to blogs that don't have RSS feeds but that I still want to monitor. I'll be adding a link to that page in the Sections block on the left Real Soon Now.

I also moved the Older Stories block to the right side (where the blogs used to be). [……]

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