Trying out Twitter

For whatever reason, I've started playing with Twitter. I'm still not sure why.

No - that's not entirely true. It started out with the thought that it might be an interesting way to keep folks informed about what my business is doing. So I set up an account under my company name. Then I figured I might as well set one up for personal stuff too. Why not, huh?

So if you're among the Twitter-inclined (and have any desire to do so), you can follow me at And if you want to follow developments at my company, go to


It's either a colossal waste of time, or incredibly useful, depending on where I am at the time. At conferences, it's fantastic -- I can see what talks other folks are in, and what events are scheduled for later. When I'm at home, I can find out that my friend in Denmark had tuna for lunch, and that my friend in Oregon stubbed his toe on the way to breakfast. YMMV.

What I don't get is...

Who in the world are these folks that show up in my Followers list. I get the spammer types either advertising crap or trying to drive traffic to their blogs, but there are some in there that appear to be supposedly normal folks - although with apparently no lives if they are willing to follow the goings on of a perfect stranger.