Thoughts while riding

Such was my stream of consciousness this morning on my way to work.

This morning I walked outside and prepared to come to work. As I breathed in the cool, crisp morning, my mind was lost in the beauty of what I saw around me. The sun was just peeking out along the tops of the trees and there was still a slight dimness to it all. A mist hung above some of the pastures - just enough to make it's presence known but not to be intrusive. The horses stood as not-quite-silhouettes against it's blurred background. I said a quick prayer of thanks to God for this multifaceted reminder of His majesty, love and grace which was permeating most of my senses simultaneously. These thoughts continued as I began my ride to work. The chill in the air stung my face just enough to make me wish it were a couple degrees warmer - but not really. The delicious smell of freshly cut hay filled the air.

But as I was thinking how idyllic it all was, my mind went to those who don't have it so good. In particular this morning was how the lives of so many have been turned upside down - if not inside out - by all of the tropical storms lately. Like the families of the more than 600 people who have been killed in Haiti due to flooding in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Jeanne. And that's just one of numerous situations around the world where lives are being devastated by one thing or another. War, weather, brutal governments - the list goes on.

And yet, there I was tooling down the road on a near perfect morning. I tend to get caught up in my troubles, minor though they may be, and dwell in my funk from time to time. But with all of the major problems in the world, I was given this beautiful scene that unfolded before me layer by layer.

The dichotomy of it jarred me back to reality. So I hate my job. At least I have one. Yeah, we've got some financial pressures. But we're far from destitute and much better off than many. Sickness? What about those who have no hope of recovery?

I too often neglect to thank God for who He is and all He has done. He has truly blessed us in many ways. This morning was just one more small way. But it spoke to me in such a big one.