Speaking of credit cards...

Apple announced the other day that it would only accept credit cards at it's stores for iPhones. Plus, they are limiting purchases to two. And now, having apparently seen the loophole in this stunningly stupid and short-sighted policy, they refuse to accept their own gift cards for them as well.

They're saying that this is to, oh what was the phrase, "discourage unauthorized resellers." Which means they don't want people to buy some and sell them on eBay (a perfectly legal endeavor, btw) and they certainly don't want you unlocking the blasted thing.

And that's the root of the issue. Apple signed with the Evil Empire using that pen with the thick, red ink and frankly, when you dance with the devil, some of that evil is bound to rub off. Why else would a company, any company, want to specifically limit how many of a product its way-too-adoring customers can purchase?

Truth is, they get a big boatload of cash from AT&T on those service contracts. They make more on this contract than they ever will on the price of the phone.

I'm certainly no financial genius, but it seems that the smarter move would be to commoditize the hardware and allow it to be used on any provider's network. This would allow for broader appeal to the millions of people who already have good service from their cell phone provider or who have vowed never to do business with AT&T on principle either because they disagree with certain policies or they've been screwed by them in the past. Examples of the latter abound.

I now have that same attitude towards Apple. I was seriously considering getting a MacBook Pro in the near future but such consumer-hostile actions have made me want to avoid all of the company's products, not just the iPhone.

credit cards are just evil

evil evil evil