Save the Spindle

I've never been very artsy-fartsy. Nor am I a fan of so-called "Urban Art" - you know, those big metallic sculpture things that large cities will have commissioned for the courtyard in front of the main public library or some such place.

They tend to all look like an erector-set-gone-bad project. Sometimes they even have moving parts that creak and grown and make you walk a wide path lest it break off and come crashing down in a very unceremonious fashion.

But now and then, something comes along that is unique enough and quirky enough to really strike my fancy. I like quirky. Quirky strikes a chord somewhere deep within me. Unique by it self can go jump. It's the quirky that does it for me.

Carhenge is one of those things, although it doesn't really qualify as "urban". (I'm using the Wikipedia link because the official site is down at the moment.)

The Spindle (a.k.a. the Car-Kabob) in Berwyn, IL (in the Chicagoland area) is another. Commissioned in 1989 and created by Dustin Schuler, it has been a fixture in the parking lot of the Cermak Plaza Shopping Center ever since.

But now, there's supposed to be a Walgreen's in that spot and the Spindle is slated to be torn down. While I'm certainly not an anti-development type, it seems to me that some sort of compromise could be reached in this case. Maybe move the Spindle. Or incorporate it into the building in some nifty way (and set your store apart as not only a pharmacy but a tourist attraction, as well.)

In any case, there's a Save the Spindle website and the Berwyn Arts Council has put up a petition to the same effect.

Don't know if it'll help, but it sure can't hurt.