Random Thoughts #4

  • I've searched in dictionaries for years — big dictionaries with small print — but I've yet to find a definition for "pompatus."

  • The classic vision of Frankenstein's monster has big bolts sticking out of its neck. I guess those are there to hold its head on. That's just proof that the good doctor was a hack and didn't know what he was doing. Those bolts are either way too long or aren't tightened down all the way. And any true craftsman would have used Torx screws and countersunk the heads.

  • If Sam Smith ever gets happy, his music career is basically over.

  • Just how would a bullfrog buy wine in the first place?

  • Wombats poop cubes

  • Here's a great Swahili phrase to keep in your utility belt for use on either yourself or others. 
    "Hakika Unaweza"  It means, "Of course you can."

  • It's been nine days, Dewey.  Name the damn horse already.

  • Happiness is a choice. And it's a choice you can make regardless of your circumstances. And as Neil said, "If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice."