Random Thoughts #1

Just a collection of things that don't merit a full post all to themselves. This could easily become a regular feature where the mindless fluff and short bits of amazingly profound wisdom congregate and then present themselves to a weary world in need of their refreshment.

Or not.

  • I'm subscribed to way too many podcasts.

  • The thing I miss the most from my old life are the simple pleasures. I'm a big fan of the really nice moments that happen all the time but sometimes get overlooked in the search for the big events. I want to sit together with someone with a cup of tea and watch the evening sky grow dark. Or walk through the local craft fair. Or have a snowball fight. Or watch fireworks. Or just take a walk and hold hands.

  • I realize this will be a controversial statement and that good people can disagree about things like this but… Cinnamon Life may very well be the fourth best breakfast cereal in the history of ever. Maybe even third on a good day.

  • It's really weird how, working at my alma mater, I see current students who look a lot like people I knew while I was a student here. It freaks me out every time it happens.

  • Donald Trump is an arrogant, rude, bombastic windbag whose only trick is to grandstand and tear other people down. That is not the kind of leadership that this country needs to get us out of the mess we're in. He is also, however, the only thing that makes the presidential race at this point even the slightest bit entertaining. Frankly, I'm pretty much apathetic about the whole thing and will likely remain so until about next September.

  • Here's something Karen Carpenter never told us. When it's a rainy day and a Monday, it sucks twice as much.

  • I need a best friend. Don't get me wrong. I have a great group of friends on whom I can call anytime I am in need and I know that they will do whatever needs to be done to help. We used to get together on a regular basis but then life started to happen. More of us got married, had kids, got involved with this thing or that event. You know, life. Sadly, that time was the casualty and I really miss it. So yeah, I need somebody that I can just hang out with, shoot the breeze, discuss all sorts of things, Gibbs slap each other when needed, watch the [insert sporting event of your choice here], and just generally make each other better. You know, that whole iron sharpening iron thing that Proverbs talks about.

  • We Got the Beat will always be a "crank it up" song

  • Things I need to do very soon (in no particular order):

    1. Have a movie marathon with both Joe vs. the Volcano and Stranger than Fiction
    2. Make blueberry muffins for breakfast
    3. Get to the shooting range because I'm way out of practice
    4. Finish migrating our church's website to the new structure
    5. Find some new dinner recipes to try