New look for the site - decent logo needed

I've changed the look of the blog. The old one was just thrown up as a quick solution when I switched to a different CMS and I've never been truly happy with it. Until now I hadn't found anything that I liked any better though. This one I kinda like, at least as a starting point.

Only a couple points of contention that need to be dealt with.

  1. For some reason, the Currently Reading block (now on the left) on the doesn't seem to be grabbing it's title from the database. Maybe I'm doing something wrong but it's about as straightforward as a block can get - it's just simple HTML. I'm gonna try a different method and see if it gets the title that way.
  2. I need a logo. I went out and found this image somewhere on the web, did some Magic Photoshoppiness on it and this is all I could come up with in 5 minutes. If anybody reads this (boy - that's a big assumption, huh?) and wants to come up with something and donate to the site, I'll give credit on my technical details page if I choose to use it. It doesn't have to be anything related to the current logo - in fact it's probably best if it's not since this one pretty much sucks. I'd like to see something a bit whimsical but decent looking that captures the ides of "Where's My Head?"

Other than those, there are a few minor layout and text tweaks that I'll be making but nothing critical. Let me know what you think.

Another issue

Oh - yeah. The Quote of the Moment is missing as well. Easy enough to fix once I finally get around to it. That's the harder part. Too many things right now are a higher priority than this little exercise in vain futility. Or is it futile vanity. I always get those confused.