Life Takes Visa (for the Kiddies...)

I know I'm behind the curve on this but, oh well. You get what you pay for, eh?

Seems that Hasbro has become the Junior Marketing Division of Visa with the latest version of The Game Of Life. Seems that the Twists & Turns Edition replaces cash with a Visa card.

This is on the relative heels of the new Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition which uses a Visa debit card in place of the cash. So much for using game play to reinforce your kids' math skills and teach them how to make change. Now with the new Life, you can teach the little nippers how to incur a bunch of debt.

Luckily, the original versions are still around but I can't say that I like this trend. I suppose you could always order your own Monopoly money if you want to. Ironically, however, you'll have to pay for it with a credit card.