Decision time

From the looks of it right now, I've made up my mind who to vote for.

I can't totally rule out a change in that stance but I haven't yet seen anything that'll convince me that either one of these guys will provide any meaningful leadership and not drag us ever closer to a Socialist/Marxist nanny state.

Holding my nose all the way to the polls

Conservatism is definitely taking a hit on this one. I'll send you a clothespin, because the alternative is unthinkable. I have been doing a lot of reading political blogs, participating in almost daily discussions with like minded conservatives, and thinking, and have seen good friends almost come to blows over this very issue. It comes down to this...think of McCain as a placeholder, a temporary bandaid for a nation hemorrhaging morals and the lifeblood of freedom. It ain't gonna fix the problem, but it is better than letting a socialist(and that is being kind) appoint our next couple of lifers to SCOTUS for one. We have to start thinking long-term, to 2012 and -16, for whoever is nominated to Veep is almost assuredly going to be in the Oval Office next. I cannot waste my time worrying about this upcoming election, it's a done deal, McCain or nothing. I have had a very hard time coming to this conclusion, wanting so very badly to vote 'my convictions'. But it's not about me or what I want. We allowed things to get this way and now we have to suck it up and do the right thing, even if it is a bitter pill we must swallow. (Climbing down off my soapbox now)