Blog development update

Work on the blog continues.

Yes, I realize that you most likely don't give a rip.
No, that doesn't concern me.
Yes, you can sue me if you feel that strongly about it.
No, you won't get anything because I don't have any money.

So anyway.

On the front end, page titles are now getting generated correctly. Again, I'm probably the only one who really cares about that but it matters a lot for search engine recognition and analytics reports. The biggest addition that you will notice is that pagination is now working. Next on the agenda is to finally get comments working once I iron the kinks out of the threading mechanism, think through how to set a moderation workflow and figure how best to present them.

There have been a number of improvements made to the back-end content editor but those are all invisible to you and are just to make my life easier. The most prominent of these is that I finally got a decent markdown parser working and have converted all of the non-archive articles to markdown syntax instead of coding the full HTML. I think that will finally allow me to convert the main index page to show only excerpts instead of the whole posts. This may annoy some of you since you'll have to click into the full article page but that will be better for a few reasons. First, that's the only place the comments are going to show up so you'd have to do that anyway if you want to either read them or add your own. Second, this will allow me to keep track of the view count for individual posts and possibly display a "most popular" block in the sidebar someday. Or not. I'm still figuring out where I want this thing to go. Besides, if you're not going to those pages, you're missing out on the big picture. Literally. So, yeah. That's coming.

I guess that also means that I finally need to learn all of the markdown syntax.

More to do beyond that. Site search, social sharing, tag collection pages, twitter updates when new posts are published, draft status for works in progress, two-factor authentication just because, file management. So many things - so little time. Oh well, it's about as far as you get from a life or death situation, now innit? All for now.