Backups and hard drives that go ka-chunk-ka-chunk

This site is hosted on a friend's server and last week it decided that it was tired and needed a nap.

I was editing a script and it started getting really slow. Then he logged in and it was REALLY slow. Eventually, it stopped responding at all and he couldn't log in at all. I was still logged in to my editing session and eventually vim crashed. It segfaulted when I tried to restart it. And I was pretty much dead in the water. A few bash internal commands worked but most things either segfaulted or complained that they could not be found.

When he went home to check on it, he called me and held the phone out. What I heard reminded me of a Henry Cho routine.

Even if you know nothing about technology, it's not too hard to figure out that electronic equipment isn't supposed to make those kinds of noises.

Long story short - (I know, "Too late!") - his backups were located on the same drive which, given my disaster recovery background, made me cringe hard. What made me cringe even more was that I hadn't been proactive in making my own backups as well.

All in all, the system was restored back to a point in mid-December, which was better than I had expected. I had pretty much written off getting the content back at all. And, thanks to Google's cache, I was able to resurrect most of the missing stuff. The worst part is that I had made a lot of configuration changes and upgrades to various parts of the CMS which now have to be redone (assuming I can remember them. I also have to recreate some images and I had added a LOT of new quotes to the Quote of the Moment database which are now in the proverbial twa-letto.

And so, the plea goes out. If you stumble across anything broken, please let me know.


images missing

your post previous to this one is missing the images, and I so liked the red headed guy!