Air Supply and Orthodoxy

Apparently, Air Supply is the crappy music choice of the Orthodox. This conclusion stems from a discussion between a Moose and myself.

For the past couple of weeks, we've been working in the same room, listening to streaming radio (70s and 80s mostly) and occasionally joking about my long-held and deep-seated hatred of Air Supply. At one point, a Wham! song came on and I mentioned that it was, at the very least, a half step above Air Supply. To my astonishment, he disagreed.

Make no mistake - we were on the same page that both were entirely sucky. The question was which sucked slightly less than the other. After some verbal mudslinging but before it came to fisticuffs, we put it out to a vote. 3 people via IM.

The first two replies were both, we agreed, entirely correct. Ewwwwwwww! and I have to choose??

We, however, pushed the issue and the first vote came in - Wham! (I could smell the vindication on the horizon.) Then, however, the as yet unheard from person sent in his support for Air Supply and my hopes for the future of humanity began to crumble.

So we told the final, unwilling participant to break the tie. After a few moments, it came.


Those of you who know Señor Antlerhead know that he is a member of the Orthodox Church. As it turns out, and purely coincidental, I'm sure, [cough - yeah right - cough] the other incorrect voter is an Orthodox priest. Of those who voted with sanity, none were Orthodox.

I'm just saying...