A rather eventful catchup post

Goodness me, my lovely readers, it's been way too long since I actually updated this thing. So here's what's been going on since we last shared this little time together...

Shortly after my last post, I was told that I'd be out of a job (along with my boss - and friend - Mr. Moose) as of August 31. Basically, the services that our jobs performed were being farmed out. So, for the second time in my life, I was asked to assist in eliminating my own job. Hopefully you'll never have to go through that but, if you do, just know that it's really hard to maintain any semblance of motivation during that period.

This isn't much of a tech job market but there were a couple of openings that quite interested me and fit my skill set pretty well - and there's a rather humorous irony between them. The first was with another friend who is the Technical Manager or Web Manager or some other impressive title at clearmyrecord.com. The other was the position that he held prior to going there. (In case you missed it, that's the ironic part.)

Dr. B made me a very tempting offer, and I almost took it, but I ended up taking the other. Each had different positive and negative aspects - in fact they are almost mirror images of each other in that respect - and, in the end, SWMBO & I decided that it would be better to scale back our lifestyle and take a lower salary in exchange for what I believe to be a better long-term fit.

So now I am the Web Database Programmer for my alma mater, Asbury College. It feels very strange to be back here in a very different capacity than when I left, but it feels good at the same time. I also feel rather useless at the moment because I can't do anything. I mean, I really can't do anything. Not only am I still learning my way around the systems and trying to get access to stuff, but the College is going through accreditation and the web site is basically locked down until November. So I'm reading (and re-writing) some documentation for a while.

The other eventful happening occurred during my first week on the job. We haven't had any significant rain here for WAY too long. But on Thursday of last week, we got a pretty decent shower. Sadly, that only caused the roads to get slippery and, while going around a curve on the way home, my car slid out and crashed. It's pretty much toast. So now we're looking for a good deal on a used car.

Luckily, I have the best church family that I can possibly imagine. One couple is giving us a van that, although we won't be able to use it as a primary vehicle, they've invited us to sell to use toward another car. Another guy's parents (whom we only slightly know) are letting us use one of their cars indefinitely until we have ours replaced. It's a very humbling experience to be the recipient of Christian love in action.

So that's pretty much been life over the last month and a half. Add in the 55 mph wind gusts we got from SeƱor Ike while having church outdoors at a neighboring town's Fall Festival and it's been a bit of a wild ride.

Here's hoping things calm down a little.


That is just about the coolest thing ever, you working at Asbury!!! Sorry to hear about the car accident, hope you were ok? I need to check this more often. ttly! MATH?? you want me to do MATH?? sheesh, *gets out calculator*