A new addition

Back in early summer, we had to have one of our dogs put down due to kidney failure. He was our largest, and therefore most intimidating, dog and SWMBO has missed the sense of security that having a large dog around gave her. In addition, one of our other dogs has a (we're pretty sure) brain tumor and we have no idea whether it will significantly shorten her life or not. Our third dog is very attached to her and we wanted to reduce the impact of her departure if and when it happens.

All that leads to this: we now have a white German Shepherd that currently tips the scales at around 120#. [Click the image for a full body shot.]

After an initial uneasiness, the other dogs got along with him right away. The cats, however, don't find this whole thing amusing in the least.


Beautiful dog! Sorry about the sad news re your older dogs. That is the hardest thing. The farm where DD#1 used to ride also raises white german shepherds. Been very tempted to take home a puppy, but they are HUGEMONGOUS when they grow up! The history of the white g s is fascinating - Hitler thought they were an inferior breed and had them almost completely exterminated. So, what is the name of this guy?

His name is...

That was the clincher. He's got a fancy registered name but we haven't gotten his papers yet so we don't know what that is. When the gentleman who had to give him away first got him, the owners called him Smokey. But he called him Heinrich sometimes. More than anything, though, he called him... Max ...which was the name of the Chessie that we had to have put down. So far, we've stuck with that.