Life to the next level

The Game of Life, that is.

A somewhat different take on the "sustainable existence" meme of game is found in the RGB Game. In this one, the beings consist of different color dots which equate to different characteristics (speed, lifespan & sight range) and look for food. They multiply when saturated.

It takes a little time to get the hang of how these things behave and what makes the system more sustainable, but for fans of Conway's original game (or other variations of cellular automata), it's well worth a look.

Discussing Pooh

I find it somewhat humorous that DrBacchus wrote about Winnie The Pooh this weekend as I was just talking to SWMBO about the same.

As we move into the trailer one of the pieces of the package deal is the existing satellite TV hookup. The kids were watching a WTP show on Toon Disney and it struck me that these newer shows capture none of the magical concept that these are stuffed animals and that all of this is happening inside Christopher Robin's head that is so evident in the initial movies by the aforementioned multinational conglomerate.

Luckily, the dish also [……]

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The funniest thing I've seen in a long time

Whoever came up with these commercials deserves a big raise. And a corner office. And a pony.

These should have been Superbowl commercials.

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[Ed. note - Requires Flash]

Chapter 2 - In which I get sucked into the fray...

I got my first comment spam last night. This annoys me to no end - not like the perps really care - and I now have to take some [……]

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I can't believe I missed it

How could I not have known about this special event. And me without my trowel.

A moving experience

It is an interesting thing to behold when fate/divine providence/chance rears its head. As an example, let me relate the following story.

Last autumn, we had made plans to move to a new farm. Well, not really a new farm - it's been there for quite some time and conservation of matter dictates that it will continue to be for the foreseeable future - but a different farm. Some friends own 82 acres and were going to be building a new house farther back on the property. We were arranging to buy their current house and some additional acreage. This was [……]

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Just when you think it can't get any worse...

Two weeks ago the world was discussing the thought of billboards in space. As if that weren't bad enough, now people (well, college students anyway) are selling their heads to advertisers.

With apologies to Susan Powter, Stop The Insanity!

Weird tourist attractions

On the lighter side of the news comes this article from the New Zealand Herald.

My favorite quote is:

...Somalia, which has a Minister of Tourism, has officially not had a single tourist for 14 years. The minister, Abdi Jimale Osman, can't understand this. "I'm sure tourists would leave Somalia alive and I'm hopeful they wouldn't be kidnapped," he is reported as saying.

As the last line says, it surely is a weird and wonderful world out there. Methinks some days it's way more weird than wonderful.


The announcement was made recently at church that our pastor, James, was going to be leaving us. This was not due to any problems in the church nor was it requested by him. In fact, he has turned this offer down twice already. The church simply has need of his leadership talents elsewhere. Such is the nature of an itinerate system.

In thinking about this, I looked back at the relatively short history of our church. The founding pastor, Bob - a man with a calling to plant churches and the talents and charisma to get it done - got things [……]

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And phydeaux runs screaming from the building...

Wow - I didn't know it was possible to dislike a job so much. I dislike the primary tools I have to work with and I dislike the project that I am working on. I genuinely like about 5 people here, genuinely dislike about the same, and the rest I honestly don't care one way or the other about. (Is that bad of me?) My local company is fairly good to work for but our corporation is a steaming pile. And the corporate IS leadership is comprised of a bunch of control freaks who don't [……]

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