Where's My Head?

Mom always said I'd lose it...

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Plenty of idiots to go around

From right here in my lovely state comes this story in which people with absolutely no common sense are rewarded for displaying that fact for all the world to see.

God bless Mars!

In a story that touches me on a deep, personal level, Mars, Inc. has announced that it does not support the proposal to redefine the legal definition of Chocolate and will not use any substitute ingredients in its manufacturing.

Thank you, Mars, for standing up for the quality of your product. Although that picture on your website with a package of M&Ms next to a bag of Whiskas is a bit disturbing...

How Far to The Point Of Know Return

For better or worse, the site is now live on the new CMS. No more double posting so there's no turning back. I'll be porting over the missing pieces in the next few days.

Please let me know if you experience any issues with this new setup. I haven't yet, but I don't actually read this thing... :-)

Almost converted

I'm almost done with the conversion of this site to new software. The stories, comments, polls and other static content items have all been ported over and, in a number of cases, have had links repaired. I did this by hand to make sure it all got where it needed to be correctly and to find the dead links. I actually enjoyed it as it gave me a chance to go back and re-read things that I wrote way back when. I'm quite certain that I am the only one that would get any enjoyment out of reading my old posts but it is what it is.

I've still got some miscellaneous content blocks to replicate (Quote of the Moment and stuff like that) but that'll be done shortly. I may roll it live before those are done in any case if for no other reason than because I don't want to double post things any more than I have to.

Also, if you are subscribed to the RSS feed, the new one should be http://wheresmyhead.com/?q=rss.xml and will begin working at my whim (see above). I may or may not have a redirect to it from the old location since it's not my own server and I'm not sure whether I easily have the ability to make such a thing happen.

Save the Spindle

I've never been very artsy-fartsy. Nor am I a fan of so-called "Urban Art" - you know, those big metallic sculpture things that large cities will have commissioned for the courtyard in front of the main public library or some such place.

Made in China

Now everything is made in China. Including the weather.

You want me to do WHAT with a carrot stick?

The Vienna Vegetable Orchestra. Enough said.

Air Supply and Orthodoxy

Apparently, Air Supply is the crappy music choice of the Orthodox. This conclusion stems from a discussion between a Moose and myself.

For the past couple of weeks, we've been working in the same room, listening to streaming radio (70s and 80s mostly) and occasionally joking about my long-held and deep-seated hatred of Air Supply. At one point, a Wham! song came on and I mentioned that it was, at the very least, a half step above Air Supply. To my astonishment, he disagreed.

Look, Mommy! Mickey has an RPG!

In a much more chilling follow-up to the humorous story about the Disneyland knock-off in China comes this story from the AP about a kid's show on Islamic television.

Raise up a child to blow up busses and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Addition (05/11/2007): In this follow-up article in the Telegraph, Al-Aqsa TV refuses to change its programming. My favorite quote is "We have our own ways to educate our children and any criticism of this approach is shocking interference in our internal affairs." Of course, when they criticize the US for its support of Israel, it's neither shocking nor an interference in our internal affairs. Go fig.

No, really! It's a big-eared cat!!

This is just too funny. A Japan Probe article reports about a Disneyland knockoff in China. The funny part is that Disney has nothing to do with it. It's owned by the Chinese government. [Note: The news reports are in Japanese but you can easily get the idea.]