Where's My Head?

Mom always said I'd lose it...

Good Days and Bad Days

If you had a different attitude
You'd still have good days and bad days
Kaiser Chiefs — "Good Days Bad Days"

You take the good, you take the bad,
You take them both and there you have
The facts of life.

When you're going through treatments like this you have good days and bad days. Yesterday was a bad day.

To be fair, up until now they have mostly been good. Up until now these treatments have been more like things that I had to do every day before I went back to being mostly normal. Intellectually I knew […]

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Life Health

  • 5 days ago

Medications and Emotions

You hold my every moment
You calm my raging seas
You walk with me through fire
And heal all my disease
Michael Guglielmucci — "Healer"

We are stretched to make room for wholeness.

Treatments started last week. A week ago today, to be exact. Today marks the beginning of week two. And all in all I can say, so far so good. Obviously I can't make any pronouncements about the entire process at this point. It is, after all, only one week. And the first of several, at that. Everyone involved, including common sense, has said that the first […]

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Christianity Life Health

  • 1 week ago

Carpet Bombing

Healing is not linear.

Bombs away
But we're O.K.
Bombs away
In old Bombay
Stewart Copeland

It wasn't really my intent for this to become the Cancer Update Blog. There are other things to write about but this has been so seemingly all-encompassing that I've not spent much time thinking about them enough to put together a coherent thought stream about them, much less a decent blog post. Plus, I know that several of you use this as your only way to keep informed about what's going on with that aspect of my life so I'll gladly oblige.


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  • 1 month ago

Signs of Life

Most of us never stop to consider our blessings; rather, we spend the day
only thinking about our problems. But since you have to be alive to have
problems, be grateful for the opportunity to have them.
Bernie Siegel

You left me barely breathin'
I've had time for the healing
Now I've opened my eyes
I'm showing signs of life
Journey — "Signs of Life"

_Home, is where I want to be
But I guess I'm already there
I come home, she lifted up her wings
I guess that this must be the place
Talking Heads — "This Must Be The […]

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Life Health

  • 1 month ago

A little late but here's the latest

Never put off till tomorrow what may be done day after tomorrow just as well.
— Mark Twain

Dear readers, this is a long overdue update. As much as I dislike the idea of procrastination, I have to admit that I have fallen into the trap of putting certain things off far too often and writing this post is among that lot. So I finally determined to get it done. Oh, who am I kidding — my to-do app has been screaming at me for a week now to do this and frankly, I just want it to shut up. This will […]

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  • 3 months ago