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New and improved

OK - well new anyway. After putting it off for far too long, I've finally upgraded the site to the latest version of Geeklog. There are still some kinks to work out, so if you see anything geborken, please let me know.

Get Naked!

Today is CSS Naked Day.

As any regular visitor to my site can see, the CSS pretty much controls only the background images, the fonts and the font colors. (There's a tiny but of layout stuff there, but not much.) As I upgrade I'm going to be looking for a more CSS based design, but I'm not there yet.

Back from the dead? Maybe...

In an effort to get back into the swing of actually updating this thing on some kind of regular basis, I've posted a new useless poll about one of life's greatest pleasures. If there's anybody actually looking at this, have at it.

Back on the Case

Hey - waddaya know. I've recently been mildly chastised for not updating the blog in some time. (You know who you are, AMBM...) And I plead Not Guilty. Due to circumstances only slightly within my control, I haven't been able to log in to add/change/delete anything in weeks.

You see, the server on which this site is hosted was recently upgraded (wholesale) to a new version of the operating system which brought with it new versions of Apache, PHP & MySQL. Turns out there are changes in Apache that didn't recognize some directives that help this [……]

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Honey, I'm Home!!!

Wow - it's been a long time since I've posted anything. With all of the network changes at work (see below), I haven't been able to even look at the site - much less post anything - during the day. And I am jealous of my family time in the evening and try not to spend it all in another room with the computer. (Maybe I'll get a laptop with wireless once the house is done and so I can be around them, but until then...)

Anyway - and this is the aforementioned "below" - I've changed jobs and now [……]

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New useless poll

Mainly because I got tired of looking at the same stories day after day and I don't have time at the moment to write anything with even a modicum of value, I slapped up a quick poll. I'm sitting here looking at a stack of empty Altoids tins - one of each kind. Don't ask me why I have these in my office. I'm really not sure. It's just the dumb sort of thing I do. Let it suffice to say that those who know me well aren't at all suprised by the fact that I have [……]

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Out of the loop

Apparently, a number of the blogs that I present on the Blog Links page have recently undergone conversions from Movable Type to WordPress and, as usual, I slept through it. The only one I actually knew about beforehand (because it was discussed on the blog - er, journal - itself) is Dr. Bacchus' and his is the only one that continued to work without any changes, presumably because he redirected the URL of his old feed to his new or some such thing. As for the rest of you, I've yet to find a good URL for your [……]

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Chapter 2 - In which I get sucked into the fray...

I got my first comment spam last night. This annoys me to no end - not like the perps really care - and I now have to take some [……]

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Weblog Backlog

(Is that a Blog Klog?)

Wow! I'm so far behind on my blogging that I'm not sure it's even worth trying to write about all of the things I've wanted to over the past 2 weeks. I really need to get better at keeping up with this thing. If I'm gonna do it, I oughta do it right, right?

So get ready for an onslaught of old news as I try to relieve some of the pressure in my brain.

Maybe a new look in the works

I'm getting really tired of this pseudo-purplish theme for the site (it was what I deemed to be the best of those that were included with Geeklog by default) so I'm going to be playing with some new looks in the near future. If you see some weird happenings in that regard, rest assured that I'm no more out of my mind than usual and it'll be temporary at worst.

Eventually I'll settle on something that I can live with for an extended period or I'll devise my own. Either way, it'll change for good sooner or later.