This doesn't seem at all strange to me

I know if my pregnant wife had been missing since Christmas and her body had been found in the bay along with the body of my unborn son, the first thing I'd be inclined to do is bleach my hair, grow a goatee, take $10,000 in cash out of the bank and head for the Mexican border with my brother's passport.

This doesn't strike me as acting guilty at all. Frankly, I don't see what all the uproar is about.

Modem works - Woo Hoo!

My Linux box is now back online! If you don't know the history of this, you can read about it here.

After getting entirely too frustrated with not being able to use the Linux part of my computer for anything meaningful, I embarked on a short and not-very-exhaustive search for a new modem. I found an eBay auction for the exact model that came preinstalled when I bought the box and which worked flawlessly with Linux. A couple days and one good bid later, I was the owner of a new modem. It arrived yesterday but I didn't have time to [……]

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Reason #1 (at the moment) why I like my small town

Flag and yellow ribbon
Unlike some towns, nobody ever thought that this was not a good thing.  Check out the full story (if you're not already) for more pics.

This is one of those "flag lined Main Street" type of towns. I like it that way.

Even City Hall got into the act.

Ode to Hee-Haw

When I renewed my truck registration recently, I noticed that Kentucky farm vehicle license numbers consist of 2 letters and 3 numbers.

That means that somebody in this state is driving around with a license plate that reads BR549.

(My stream of conciousness really scares me sometimes.)

Reason #327 why I like my small town

This is considered a major traffic jam.

How on earth does she eat like that?

I've been meaning to post this for some time, but I just now got around to getting the pictures off of my camera. Maybe nobody will care about this except me, but I find it quite humorous.

Thing 2 complained some time ago that she hadn't lost any teeth yet when her sister, Thing 1 had lost quite a few by her age. OK - maybe complained is not the right word - but she wondered aloud about when she might lose a tooth. I guess the money issue was starting to get to her. So she was kinda excited to [……]

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Well, after an entire fall and winter (and part of the preceding summer, now that I think of it) in the barn doing nothing but collecting dust, I decided to move the tractor (it needs a good name).

For a while it just cranked. Then, suddenly, it continued to just crank. (At least I know my new battery and starter work. Finally, with some persuasion, coercion, some fancy work with the choke and only a small amount of grumbling, it reluctantly gave up the fight and fired up. It wasn't happy about it, though, and it told me so in no [……]

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Why don't I want to write about this?

At this time, when there's so much to write about the war with Iraq, I feel like I should indeed be writing about it. But I just don't have any desire to do that. I don't really know why - I'm not usually one to keep my big mouth shut about most things. If you want to know my thoughts on it, ask me. If you don't know how to reach me, you probably don't want to know what I think about it in the first place.

I'll only say this: No matter how you feel about whether we should be [……]

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A Happy Ending

15 year old Elizabeth Smart, missing since last summer, has been found alive and healthy in a Salt Lake city suburb. But please read the rest of this post.

I hesitate to use the phrase "alive and well" because, while she is alive (and that's a Good Thing) it remains to be seen how well she is after such an ordeal. Nothing has been, nor should be in my opinion, released about what kind of treatment she received while gone, but speculation quickly turns to the worst case scenarios. We can only hope that such things are not [……]

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Hollywood whines some more

SAG and IATSE have each issued statements raising the thought of potential blacklisting in response to some of their members' anti-war activism.

What they're really afraid of is that the viewing public will be turned off by the statements and actions of Martin Sheen, Mike Farrell, Susan Sarandon, Sheryl Crow and others that they won't watch their shows, go to their movies or buy their music. Last time I checked, that was called the Free Enterprise System.

Besides, aren't these the same people who argue against censorship by telling us that if we don't like the content of their shows or [……]

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