Get Naked!

Today is CSS Naked Day.

As any regular visitor to my site can see, the CSS pretty much controls only the background images, the fonts and the font colors. (There's a tiny but of layout stuff there, but not much.) As I upgrade I'm going to be looking for a more CSS based design, but I'm not there yet.

Hey, you!! Buy my house!

Know anybody looking for a lovely, custom built home on a quiet road in the country in Central Kentucky but close enough to 2 larger cities to make it easy to do what needs to be done? Point them here.

We built this house and had planned to be in it until we were dragged out by the feet, but Life® happened and our cash flow priorities had to change. Thus, we have to sell it.

It's a really nice house. Lots of upgrades. Come see it. Buy it. Tell me you read about it here [……]

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Come fly with me...

I have no idea if this is real or a big PhotoShop hack together, but it's funny in either case.

Update:  They made a movie about this.

Back from the dead? Maybe...

In an effort to get back into the swing of actually updating this thing on some kind of regular basis, I've posted a new useless poll about one of life's greatest pleasures. If there's anybody actually looking at this, have at it.

Sorta Stomp-ish

I've always been a fan of using supposedly non-musical items in music (or using musical items in untraditional ways) so this just feeds my addiction.

I'll give you $7.50 for the whole pile...

It's yard sale time in town. And for quite a distance in both directions. Stretching 450 miles from Northern Kentucky, straight through The Burg and well into Alabama, there's no larger collection of people trying to unload their crap on others outside of Disneyworld.

Be that as it may, it's fun to wander through and look at what people collect. Every now and then you actually find a gem among the detritus. Last year, we found a 1-year-old, mint condition, English show helmet for Thing 1 for $25.

I guess I need to get up a little early [……]

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Back on the Case

Hey - waddaya know. I've recently been mildly chastised for not updating the blog in some time. (You know who you are, AMBM...) And I plead Not Guilty. Due to circumstances only slightly within my control, I haven't been able to log in to add/change/delete anything in weeks.

You see, the server on which this site is hosted was recently upgraded (wholesale) to a new version of the operating system which brought with it new versions of Apache, PHP & MySQL. Turns out there are changes in Apache that didn't recognize some directives that help this [……]

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The Satellite Dish Revisited

Well - it works. And I'm not sure if I can be mad at the service provider or just at myself. I'm leaning toward them...

A week ago Saturday I got on the phone and dialed up their Customer Service number. A lovely recorded voice informed me that the wait time was currently over 30 minutes. I didn't have time for that at the moment so I decided to call back later, hoping for better results. I guess it's good to have a dream, huh?

I went about my business and, when later rolled around, I tried [……]

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The Saga of the Satellite Dish

Living out in the suburbs of nowhere, it's pretty much impossible to get many of the same services that people in the "Big City" take for granted. Being semi-geeky, The most notable of these for me is broadband internet access.

The low population density makes it economically unfeasible for the cable company to hang fiber out that far and for the Telco to put a DSL repeater twixt us and them. So my only option is satellite.

Now that the house is done, we decided that we needed to get hooked back up to the net and, since we have decided not [……]

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Catching up

OK - so I can't seem to find time to blog every day. Or even every month. Such is my life. Get over it.

Not like anyone's actually reading this thing anyway... :-)

So here's the rundown on the major developments since last time:

The house is done and we have now moved most of our stuff from our storage unit into our garage. I know that I never posted the rest of the pictures but I realized at some point that I hadn't taken any for about 2 months and missed some significant phases in the process. [……]

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