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Mom always said I'd lose it...

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An Open Letter to Ilana Wexler

First, let me echo the sentiments of countless journalists and others in saying that you are a smart and impressive young girl. You carry yourself in a way well beyond your 12 years and I won't be surprised to see your name in the years to come in either California state or national politics. I applaud you for taking an interest in and action about things that will affect your life for years to come. Unfortunately, that is the extent of the similarity between those comments and mine. Most of them continue on to fawn on you and your speech at the Democratic National Convention. And for good reason - it apparently made for great TV during an event that was lackluster by most accounts. Sorry, kid, but I don't let you off that easily.

New useless poll

Mainly because I got tired of looking at the same stories day after day and I don't have time at the moment to write anything with even a modicum of value, I slapped up a quick poll. I'm sitting here looking at a stack of empty Altoids tins - one of each kind. Don't ask me why I have these in my office. I'm really not sure. It's just the dumb sort of thing I do. Let it suffice to say that those who know me well aren't at all suprised by the fact that I have wasted 10 square inches of desk space to erect an ad hoc shrine to breath mints. (Just grin and nod...) :-)

Anyway, vote for your favorite and, if you feel so led, leave comments about why.

Do you:

75% (3 votes)
25% (1 vote)
0% (0 votes)
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 4

Out of the loop

Apparently, a number of the blogs that I present on the Blog Links page have recently undergone conversions from Movable Type to WordPress and, as usual, I slept through it. The only one I actually knew about beforehand (because it was discussed on the blog - er, journal - itself) is Dr. Bacchus' and his is the only one that continued to work without any changes, presumably because he redirected the URL of his old feed to his new or some such thing. As for the rest of you, I've yet to find a good URL for your RSS/RDF feed. If you can point me to it, that'd be just zippy.

Say Anything...

A while ago Dr. Bacchus posted a short blurb about Say Anything... It was on FX's DVD on TV last night so I had to stay up late and watch it. I hadn't seen it in well over twelve years. (And wow - I had forgotten how mind-numbingly bad Corey's songs were.) Here are some of my favorite things about it.

An adventure in connectivity - Chapter 1: Chasing the North American Wild Goose

It gets really frustrating trying to track down problems that don't really exist...

In Memoriam: Ronald Reagan & Ray Charles

Two great men died this week. Each changed the world and left it a better place for his being here, although in drastically different ways. Unfortunately, I don't have the time at the moment to write a nice bio of each as I usually do for these posts.


When the toast has burned
     and all the milk has turned
     and Cap'n Crunch is waving farewell

When the big one finds you
     may this song remind you
     that they don't serve breakfast in Hell

                            The Newsboys - Breakfast In Hell


It's pure fluff, but that song always makes me giggle.

Wining before the Supreme Court

I'll be following this case and I suspect that Dr. Bacchus will too.

Cosby speaks out

Kudos to Bill Cosby for saying in no uncertain terms what white people can't say without being called everything from a Klansman to a slave owner to a Nazi and what far too many black people won't say.