Where's My Head?

Mom always said I'd lose it...

This is an archive of the blog as it existed prior to the relaunch in 2015. To get back to the current site, click anywhere in this box.

The Saga of the Satellite Dish

Living out in the suburbs of nowhere, it's pretty much impossible to get many of the same services that people in the "Big City" take for granted. Being semi-geeky, The most notable of these for me is broadband internet access.

Catching up

OK - so I can't seem to find time to blog every day. Or even every month. Such is my life. Get over it.

Not like anyone's actually reading this thing anyway... :-)

So here's the rundown on the major developments since last time:

Oldest domain names

I stumbled across this list of the oldest 100 .COM domains this morning and found it interesting in a "Hey-look-at-that-cute-little-nostalgia-over-there" sort of way. Two observations: (1) It's not a comprehensive list of the oldest domains. It's only for .COMs and (2) it only take into account those that are still currently registered (or at least were when it was compiled.) Still it's got a bit of geek interest.

Honey, I'm Home!!!

Wow - it's been a long time since I've posted anything. With all of the network changes at work (see below), I haven't been able to even look at the site - much less post anything - during the day. And I am jealous of my family time in the evening and try not to spend it all in another room with the computer. (Maybe I'll get a laptop with wireless once the house is done and so I can be around them, but until then...)

Anyway - and this is the aforementioned "below" - I've changed jobs and now have more flexibility in both time and access. Thus, I'm going to try to post on a more regular basis. (Yeah, yeah - I know I've said that before. I really mean it this time. Really.)

So stay tuned. A ginormous, extramongous house update will be coming as soon as I get the pix resized and uploaded.

Corporations are people, too

This was originally going to be a comment to this article by Dr. Bacchus but I could tell it was going to get too long. The root of the matter is that Fujitsu-Siemens now has to pay a per-machine levy on computers sold in Germany because they might - might, mind you - be used to violate copyright.

And so it begins...

Another year has come and gone and, true to the old adage, the only constant thing is change. For us here at the Where's My Head World Headquarters and Bait Shop, that change is coming primarily by way of formulating some new digs.

Defying the goons

Wow - It seems like forever since I've written anything on the site. A couple of things have conspired against me in this. Namely, (1) my jack-booted, corporate network thugs cracked down on internet access and are monitoring (and screaming loudly about) access to non-work related sites and (2) after sitting at a keyboard all day long, the last thing I want to do when I get home is sit in front of another one for the evening, especially when the best connection I can usually get is around 21600 bps. Oy.

Thank you, Senator

While I have specifically refrained from commenting on the Presidential election (save for that uninformed Wexler kid) - and not because of a scarcity of items that were worthy of comment - I want to make one statement.

Life, God and Letter Tiles

If you haven't already seen it, take 8 minutes and watch this brilliant flash piece, Craziest: A Short Story by Liz Dubelman. Well written, well produced and well worth your time. This is what multimedia on the net should be like.
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[Ed. note - If your connection is on the slower side of fast, let the whole thing load before playing (even though the Play option comes up) so it won't catch up with itself.]

Thoughts while riding

Such was my stream of consciousness this morning on my way to work.